Keratin Treatment Express Blowout

This reformulated formaldehyde free service will

  • Eliminate frizz and soften curl.
  • Last up to 6 weeks.
  • Infuse hair with protein therefore absolutely no damage to the hair.
  • Be more manageable and easier to maintain.
  • Cut down your drying time by 40%.
  • Positively change how you style your hair.
  • Protect your hair from toxins in the environment, such as smoke, pollution and ultraviolet rays.

Note: This treatment can be done on natural & colour treated hair.

Service *
Keratin Treatment Blowout$100+
BeFABULOUS Treatment$50+

Rusk Radical Anticurl Relaxer is a brilliant technical achievement. It alters the pattern of naturally curly hair and un-perms ends instantly. It provides exceptional “obedience training” for hair that frizzes uncontrollably in high humidity. Call to book a consultation to receive more information on this great service!

BeFABULOUS Keratin Treatment

A new and advanced comprehensive haircare line: beFABULOUS! This extensive range – sold exclusively in salons – offers solutions for deep hair repair and daily care with products that have been developed specifically for normal, thick or fine hair, and that also provide color protection. This is a 4-phase keratin and proteins system which nourishes and repairs very dry and damaged hair. Step 1 opens the cuticle, Step 2 involves applying the mask and gentle heat for 30 minutes, Step 3 seals the cuticle and Step 4 is a keratin conditioner. Call for your consult today!