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Our Spa is special. Where we can you help you balance, soothe, replenish, renew, de-stress, awaken and contour – to learn how to look after yourself, your skin, your body, your mind and rejuvenate under the caring touch of an expert Aesthetician. Where everything is considered:

  • The perfect texture
  • The perfect scent
  • The perfect sensations
  • The perfect touch

Our Spa is just a place … but a place where results are not just dreams or promises but that smile on your face as you step back into your life.

30 min60 min75 min
Dead Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Facial$55$95
Gentlemen’s Facial$55$95
Collagen Hydrating Anti-Aging Facial$125
Exceptional Facial$150
Eye Treatment Add-on$20
Lymphatic Drainage$20
Hand & Foot Massage Add-on$25+
Extraction Add-on$10+
Hollywood (+ full leg)$65+ ($100+)
Brazilian (+ full leg)$40+ ($75+)
Bikini (+ full leg)$20+ ($55+)
Upper Lip$5+
Upper and lower lip$10
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting
Eyebrow and eyelash$35
Shellac Services
Shellac Manicure$45$55
Shellac Pedicure$45$55
Shellac Mani + Pedi$80$100
Other Shellac Services
Shellac Soak-Off & Polish Change$35
French Finish (add to service)$10
Shellac Nail Fix (per nail)$5
Shellac Take Off$10
Dry Skin Treatment (add to service)$15
Polish Services
Polish Manicure$35$45
Polish Pedicure$35$45
Polish Mani + Pedi$60$80
Princess Manicure (under 12)$15
Princess Pedicure (under 12)$15
Other Polish Services
Nail Polish Change$15
French Finish (add to service)$5
Dry Skin Treatment (add to service)$15
Quick Makeup Services (15 min each)

Smokey Eye, Everyday Eye, Glam Eye

Eye Add-ons

Liner, False Lash Application


Blemish & Blush


Perfect Lips

Full Makeup Services
Airbrush Application$65
Eyelash Installation$10
Makeup Lesson$40

Dead Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Facial: Since ancient times, Dead Sea Minerals have been renowned for their exceptional beautifying and cosmetic properties, and their unique ability to attract and retain moisture. This pure mud is extracted from the bed of the Dead Sea, then formulated into a luxurious face mask. Relax as the mud deeply cleanses, removes impurities, refines and softens skin texture, and gives skin a fresh, healthy glow. This facial is ideal for people with acne and problematic skin, suited for all skin types.

Gentlemen’s Facial: Customized for a gentleman’s skin needs, a deep cleansing is followed by an exfoliating scrub and extraction. The treatment concludes with a cool, soothing mask to balance and hydrate your skin, also helping to alleviate shaving irritation.

Collagen Hydrating Anti-Aging Facial: To fight against the first signs of aging, this unique professional treatment drenches the skin in Native Marine Collagen. Wrinkles and fine lines are blurred. The skin is intensely moisturized and smoothed with a radiant complexion. This facial is ideal for those with dry skin and wishing to combat fine lines.

Exceptional Facial: Using an anti-wrinkle solution of Marine Hyaluronic Complex, this treatment fills and corrects deep wrinkles thanks to its exclusive professional formula. From the first session, the skin looks younger and smoother. It plumps up the entire face, smoothing and filling in stubborn wrinkles, restoring tone and firmness to your skin.

Eye Treatment: The Thalgo Eye Expert Treatment is like a facial for your eye area and delivers anti-puffiness, anti-dark circle and anti-wrinkle results. The eye area is visibly brightened and smoothed. This Hyaluronic Eye-Patch Mask plumps up, smoothens and refreshes your eye contour area in just 10 minutes for visibly younger-looking eyes! For all those seeking to instantly diminish the appearance of fatigue in the eye area.


We offer total body waxing from head to toe, using the latest products and techniques. Our process employs low temperature, creamy wax to minimize irritation for sensitive skin.

A special technique is used for the Brazilian and Hollywood waxing services. Hard wax is used which provides a less painful experience and longer lasting results. Prior to waxing we use powder. The treatment is finished with application of soothing lotion with Tea tree oil or Aloe Vera to calm your skin.


Threading is a fast and convenient way of removing unwanted facial hair and shaping elegant and beautiful eyebrows. Threading provides the same results as waxing; however it does not pull the elasticity of the skin while pulling out the hair follicle. Threading gives you weeks of hair-free results!

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

While most women stick with their trusty mascara, it isn’t for everyone. Some people have allergies that make it impossible to wear mascara. Some people just don’t like the hassle of putting it on every morning and removing it every night, or the smudging issue is simply too much. And some people just don’t like wearing makeup, but would still like their eyelashes to look a bit more appealing.

Eyelash and Eyebrow tinting is for people who like their lashes black and brows natural looking, but don’t want to use mascara or brow pencil every day. Eyelash and Brow tinting is a process wherein your eyelashes and eyebrows are dyed to make them look darker. According on your skin type and hair color, you can achieve eyelash or eyebrow colors, including black, blue, shades of brown, grey or whatever color best fits your completion.

The process involves a 15-20 minute procedure using vegetable dye as tint.

Nail Services

Shellac 14+ day nail color is a true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear color! Shellac goes on like polish, wears like gel, and can be gently removed in minutes with no nail damage. Common nail concerns are virtually eliminated – dry time is reduced to zero, and the mirror-like finish resists chips, nicks, and smudges. Nails are strengthened and enhanced with 14-days of durable color. Whether you want a quick nails service on your lunch break or a luxurious nail treatment with massage, we can meet (and exceed!) your needs. Our nail services are meticulously completed focusing on expert technique, sanitation, and your well-being.


We are thrilled to introduce you to the unlimited possibilities of airbrush cosmetics. Get the coverage you deserve without the heavy cakeyness associated with traditional makeup. Our expert airbrush application is designed to dramatically minimize the imperfections of lines, texture and pores for the trademark “Airbrush picture-perfect look”.


One of the best ways we know to relax and decompress is to indulge in our Swedish Massage. Swedish Massage soothes your muscles and if you’re feeling a bit stressed, this can really help smooth out the edges .. take away all that tension and leave you in a completely calm, “cloud nine” state. And massage isn’t just about relaxation – it’s exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension. Come in and let’s help melt those worries away.

Swedish Massage
90 minutes$130
60 minutes$90
45 minutes$75
30 minutes$60

Kurle Stanislas


Kurle Stanislas is a highly qualified beautician with a self-confessed passion for skincare.

Her journey started in 2004 where she studied at Sab San Sadies School of Beauty in Barbados. She began and developed her career for the science of beauty at the 5-star resort, BodyHoliday, in St.Lucia.

Over a 10-year period, her passion grew as she received intense training in a variety of high-end treatments such as Thalgo, Skin Ceauticals, Elemis, and LeTherapie.

Her expertise took her to the UK frequently to study with one of Europe’s most skilled practitioners of Cosmetic Medicine, Dr.Michael Prager. She will tell you that one of her greatest accomplishments was to perform treatments with him for a number of top international publication professionals.

She eventually grew to manage the Skin Care Clinic at BodyHoliday and trained a team of 40 in product knowledge and skin care advice.

Her own personal quest for knowledge took her to Canada in 2014. She completed the world-renowned CIDESCO International Program of Advanced Aesthetics in Mississauga, and fell in love with Canada.

After five minutes with Kurle, her inviting and warm personality and love for skin will have you hooked! We are pleased to have Kurle join our team, and she is equally excited to share her experience and love for skincare and beauty with you.


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